Paddle Dogs

Some friends and I will paddle our sea kayaks across Bass Strait (from Victoria to Tasmania, Australia) in March 2009.  Why?  We keep asking ourselves that question too…and it’s something to do with proving to ourselves that life after 40 is not so bad…and raising awareness and funds for bipolar disorderOpens in a new tab..

Check out our website at in a new tab.  

The Black Dog InstituteOpens in a new tab. is doing great work to learn more about bipolar disorder, and we’d like to raise $10,000 to support research that leads to early detection in kids and adolescents.

As part of our training program we’ll be running across the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the 9km Blackmores Sydney Running FestivalOpens in a new tab. event…in a canoe!  Yes, we’re probably mad, but we’ll run in a modified canoe ‘Fred Flintstone style’ for the whole 9km.

Please make a donation to the Black Dog Institute by clicking on this link: in a new tab. or alternatively, contact me directly to discuss corporate or tax deductible donations (NB corporate donations of over $1000 can be featured on our home page).

Thanks in advance for supporting this worthy cause, and our crazy plan!



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