Success factors in implementing an M&E system

According to the State of Texas, Office of the State Auditor, (A Guide to Measure the Performance of Information Systems, April 1991) the following items are critical to successful implementation of a performance management system (similar issues apply to implementing a M&E system):

  • Management support and involvement from all levels in the organization to counteract resistance to change associated with introduction of new policies.
  • Appropriate measures that include defining the goals and objectives, identifying the measures to be used, evaluating the costs and benefits, and then implementing the cost-effective measures
  • Start small and measure the processes, not the people.  Fewer measures mean less initial cost; measures can be added.  Measure how things are done, and the result, not the people.
  • Provide feedback by using the results and reporting where improvements are being made.
  • Periodically review the measures to determine their usefulness and continued applicability.
  • Be patient.  Performance measurement is a long-term process and may have no immediate pay-off because of the learning process involved.

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